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Biotin Hydrazide

Biotin Hydrazide | Campbell Science
Biotin Hydrazide | Campbell Science

Biotin Hydrazide

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  •   Biotin Hydrazide Safety Datasheet

Biotin Hydrazide
Product Number: BR104
CAS# [66640-86-6]

Molecular Weight: 258.34
Melting Point: 247°C
Spacer Arm 15.7 Â

- Carbohydrate-reactive
- Shorter spacer arm than Biotin-LC-Hydrazide
- Must be dissolved in DMSO (50 mM) before adding to aqueous buffer
- Use at pH 4-6 to complete coupling reaction

REFERENCE: O�SHANNESSEY, D.J. etal. (1984) IMMUN. LETTERS 8, 273-277